15 Signs You’ve Lived in France For Too Long

posted on September 3rd 2015 in Blog & expat in France with 12 Comments

Living in France

Spending most of the summer out of France, mingling with other travelers from all over the world, living the local way in Malaysia and meeting with some old and new friends back from Ukraine there made me come to a simple conclusion: living in France for nearly two years kind of made an impact on me (and even my laptop. I have AZERTY keyboard and I noticed that in some few weeks after purchasing).

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How To Start Traveling The World

posted on August 25th 2015 in Blog & Inspiration & Travel Tips with 4 Comments


“Tell me your secret – How can you travel so much? How did you start traveling? What’s your secret? Tell me.”

I heard this question a good dozen of times, from different people back home, fellow travelers and just strangers approaching me on the Internet.

So, what’s the secret of getting a life of perpetual travels?

Today, I will spill you the hard boiled truth and finally tell you this big secret.

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Will you sell your dreams?

posted on May 21st 2015 in Blog & Inspiration with 2 Comments


I always thought of myself as a small girl with huge ambitions.

A girl, who one day, would stand in charge of her own business. Who would make a name for herself and buy a huge house for her parents somewhere nice and warm.
See the world.

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5 Amazing Road Trips I Dream Of In The UK

posted on March 11th 2015 in Blog & The UK with 28 Comments


Winding roads, stunning rural scenery, emerald highlands and rocky mounts – The UK has some incredible spots hidden outside big cities. What I dream of right now, is to hire a comfy car, switch the music a bit too loud and embark on a few hours road trip on one of the next scenic routes!

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